Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Las Vegas Summer Tradition

Ever since my sister Lynsie moved to Vegas to teach, I have made it a summer tradition to come and visit her for a couple of weeks. Since we both are teachers its nice being able to sleep in, shop and go to the pool. The first summer was in 2004. She lived with roommates who were obsessed with the Gilmore Girls, so here is what a typical summer day would include. Waking up late, eating some good breakfast, watching season one of the Gilmore Girls, going to In and Out eating it by the pool, getting some skin cancer, finally getting ready for the day and then probably hitting up the Ross or the Goodwill...or probably both.

The next summer she was in love with Ezra, I still came down when she got off track and we would do the same thing. It has now been six summers and I have always came down to sweat in the Las Vegas heat, eat at restaurants we don't have, layout at the pool, hit the stores, and watch the subsequent seasons of the Gilmore Girls.

This year since I now have a gorgeous little nephew named Cyrus this summer is definitely different. Kids do change things. I came down to nanny him for the last couple of weeks while Lynsie finishes school. You moms rock!!! Watching a 7 month old is hard work...no more of the sleeping in till 10, laying out by the pool or shopping. Although, I wouldn't trade in his beautiful smile and contagious giggle for any of that. Just look at this gorgeous dude I get in trusted to watch for a couple of weeks.
Cyrus and first pair of sunglasses.
Cyrus and his Fourth of July jammy's. Notice the drool on his chin. He is getting his back teeth and drooling like a mad man.
The fireworks at the B-Bque we were at and then little Cyrus....
He slept through his first Fourth of July fireworks show.

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