Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Las Vegas Summer Tradition

Ever since my sister Lynsie moved to Vegas to teach, I have made it a summer tradition to come and visit her for a couple of weeks. Since we both are teachers its nice being able to sleep in, shop and go to the pool. The first summer was in 2004. She lived with roommates who were obsessed with the Gilmore Girls, so here is what a typical summer day would include. Waking up late, eating some good breakfast, watching season one of the Gilmore Girls, going to In and Out eating it by the pool, getting some skin cancer, finally getting ready for the day and then probably hitting up the Ross or the Goodwill...or probably both.

The next summer she was in love with Ezra, I still came down when she got off track and we would do the same thing. It has now been six summers and I have always came down to sweat in the Las Vegas heat, eat at restaurants we don't have, layout at the pool, hit the stores, and watch the subsequent seasons of the Gilmore Girls.

This year since I now have a gorgeous little nephew named Cyrus this summer is definitely different. Kids do change things. I came down to nanny him for the last couple of weeks while Lynsie finishes school. You moms rock!!! Watching a 7 month old is hard work...no more of the sleeping in till 10, laying out by the pool or shopping. Although, I wouldn't trade in his beautiful smile and contagious giggle for any of that. Just look at this gorgeous dude I get in trusted to watch for a couple of weeks.
Cyrus and first pair of sunglasses.
Cyrus and his Fourth of July jammy's. Notice the drool on his chin. He is getting his back teeth and drooling like a mad man.
The fireworks at the B-Bque we were at and then little Cyrus....
He slept through his first Fourth of July fireworks show.

Monday, June 28, 2010

"The Proposal"

Ok..so most of you know that I am finally engaged. Yeah!!!! For some of you it might come of a shock and amazement, but its true. I am going to share the story of the whole engagement story.

At the end of March, Teddy and I decided to get married. We have been dating for over three years. We met in March of 07, we broke up in March of 08, we got back together and then broke up in March of 09, and then back together again. I figured out that March just wasn't the best month. I am going to blame it on my birthday and the fact that I get depressed about getting old. So this March was different...we had the decision to either move forward or end it. After much prayer and fasting, I realized that I couldn't picture my life without Teddy. And I asked a direct question and got a direct answer. So that was that. Teddy will tell you that the first moment he saw me, he knew he was going to marry me. But this is my story. We told our families and close friends, but kept it on the down low from everyone else...until I got the ring. Teddy decided to take a sales job on the other side of the country for the summer. By the time we decided and the time he left was only about three weeks. Plenty of time to get a ring...or so I thought...and so did my sisters and family. I will be honest though, I had a whole list of ways that Teddy couldn't propose to me. I know, I know its really my fault.

Teddy being the teaser that he is "fake" proposed to me. Even up till the moment he drove away I still thought he was going to do it. Ok details I know. So fast forward to June 3rd. I flew to Virgina Beach to see him. I was hoping he would propose, but still didn't know 100%. We had a great time in Virgina. The Beach, Jamestown, we even drove to DC to go to the temple.

So on Saturday June 5th, we went to dinner. A very nice restaurant in Virgina Beach called Fire and Vine. When I sat down there was this beautiful vase full of roses on the table, I totally thought they were just part of the table, so I moved them aside. Teddy had to turn them around so I could see the card. So this wasn't out of character for Teddy. He will get me flowers and every 6 months or so we do get dressed up and go out to a nice dinner.

After dinner we drove to the beach. He was acting a little a nervous. So we took off our shoes and started to walk on the water line. I noticed some photographers on the beach but there were some surfers, so I thought they were taking pictures of the surfers...they weren't they were taking pictures of us.

Teddy stopped, turned me toward him took a deep breath. He told me how much he loved me and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and become his wife. The whole time I am thinking...really...your really doing this...no joking this time. He had the beautiful ring on his finger and amidst my shaking and almost tears he put it on my finger. I said yes...and the spectators on the beach started cheering and clapping. He then told me to keep smiling because I was on camera. That little trickster had hired a photographer and they had been shooting us the entire time. It was beautiful and a perfect moment. The world seemed to stop for just that one moment. I am way excited and the big day is September 4, 2010.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

catching up

So my sister told me if your going to have a blog you need to update it atleast once a week. And seeing how it has been since January I guess I will do a little catching up. Here are some of the big events that have happened since January. I finished my tenth year of teaching....so crazy to think that I have been doing this for a decade. My DECA students did very well this year, and I took three of them to Nationals in Louisville Kentucky. It was right before the big Derby, so we got to go to a horse race. Definitely a different type of crowd. My good friend Melanie drove up to see me in Louisville, we had some good times. The rest of the school year went by just as fast. My students did horrible on their state tests this year. I felt like a failure. I cried. I had two students that felt bad for me so they made me a cake. It was very nice. I am going to miss my seniors. The last day of school I left for Virgina Beach to see my Tedward. That story is the next post.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Have you seen my stapler?

Now only true office fans will appreciate this post. I had a student whom asked me, "hey Ms. A, did you ever find your stapler?" My reply..."I didn't know it was missing." Not uncommon if you have seen my desk at the end of the semester. Anyhow...I forgot about the missing stapler until one Friday my student brought me in my missing stapler. I laughed my face off...it totally made my day. My students know that not a day goes by when I don't refer to the office or quote the office. So in true appreciation to Jim and his awful pranks on Dwight....below is my missing stapler.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hello 2010

I figure its been awhile since I have posted something and since tomorrow is the last day of the decade, I might share some things I have learned and loved about 2009. It has been an awesome year. I went through the temple and I see and feel those blessings everyday of my life. Ashley got married, which leaves me the last and the lone one. Lynsie had a beautiful baby boy and he really is so stinkin cute. Here are a few more things from 2009.

1. My family is the best!
2. Life isn't fair, my sister Lou only weighs five more pounds than me and she had a baby only 7 weeks ago.
3. I love the temple...going...and seeing it everyday from my window.
4. I'm never too old to be a princess...just last week I was Cinderella.
5. I love my career...I can't believe I have been teaching an entire decade.
6. Cafe Rio...still a favorite
7. Although I hope to be a mom someday I love being an aunt!
8. Broken hearts can heal.
9. Forgiveness really is freedom.
10. The gospel is true and I know it!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Festivis

I seriously am so blessed. I live in a free country, I have a awesome family, a nice house, a great career and food to eat! I often wonder what I did to be put in the place that I am today.

We had a amazing family dinner yesterday. Even though we were missing Nate, who is in Taiwan, Lou and Ez in Vegas with the most beautiful new baby, and Ash and JB visiting his family. I really missed my sisters when I went by myself to do a little black Friday shopping...it was not very much fun at all. '

Ash and I did go to Vegas last week to meet little Cyrus for the first time. He is awesome! Lyns is a great mom, and Ezra loves being a new dad. It was so much fun, and he knows I am the favorite aunt.

I had Emma, Rhett and Tanner sleep over at my house the day before Thanksgiving...we had so much fun. As I was getting the kids ready to head over to my parents house my niece said the funniest thing. She picked out her outfit and I curled her hair and added the four hair pieces...I told her she looked beautiful. I told her to go look in my full length mirror at how great she looked. So she did, I asked her "Don't you look beautiful?", she politely told me "no Amy, I don't fink(think) so", so I asked her what was wrong. She then told me "I fink there is something missing" so I asked okay what would that be? Her reply..." I fink I need to wear one of your necklaces and bracelets". What a silly thing for a three year old to say...already knowing the importance of accessories! A girl after my own heart. Of course I let her pick out of my jewelry box, and she looked lovely.

See how blessed I really am!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


WOW...is the word. My sister Lou called me on Sunday about 12:45, "congratulations you have a new little nephew. 9.7 oz, 22 inches long". My response...in tears....WOW! I am so excited for Lynsie and Ezra they have waited so long. I can't help to think how much I want to be a mom, how much I want to start my own little family. I know it will happen one day! I also got a call from a sweet close friend tonight. She told me she has breast cancer, she is my age and she has breast cancer....WOW. I didn't know what to say, what do you say? I am constantly reminded how precious life really is...looking at the miracle of a new born baby and learning that life can be changed instantly. I was reading in first Nephi, its the part where Nephi has to get food for the fam, but everyone is murmuring so its not working out the best for him. There is the part of the scripture that says "by small means the lord can accomplish great things" or something similar. Isn't that so true. The lord wants us to be great! I can be great! We all can be great! In order to be great we have to do the small simple things. Thats my random thoughts of the day.